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Why ‘Les Vaches Font ‘Meuh”?

As a kid, onomatopoeia was one of my first introductions to the diversity of language.  How is it that one sound made by an animal could be interpreted so differently in these other languages?

The first language I got involved with was French, and the fact that cows go ‘moo’ in English and ‘meuh’ in French quickly highlighted the significant cultural and linguistic choices of a speech community.  To then understand these subtle differences, I felt I had to immerse yourself in a culture to understand its language.  From then on in, I was hooked on linguistics.

Firstly, we have this amazing capability to voice our thoughts, share ideas, and inspire others to do great things through these mediums.  But secondly, language is important as it affects the way we perceive others, how we work together, get along with each other, and is ever evolving.

This blog will show my journey in linguistics, language learning, travel, and anything else that encomposses life!

Enjoy, Katerina



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