La Gourmandise

To satisfy my perpetual hunger for fine foods and quality local produce, I have acquired a job in a French charcuterie.  A place to relish in my gourmandise!

La gourmandise is my favourite French word, because although it literally translates as greed, it is not always seen in such a negative light concerning the French.  To be gourmande in French, also describes a person who enjoys and savours fine foods and takes pleasure from the joy of eating.  Le fait de manger par plaisir … ce que j’aime, moi!

After having lived for 1 year in Lyon, I have been forever craving the ideal bouchon in Melbourne!  Just like Melbourne, Lyon is surely the food and dining capital of France, and the French food experience there was always a joy!  Whether it was dining in my local 5iéme arrondissement on the picturesque Rue de Beouf, waltzing down La Rue Mercière only to sidle off the beaten tourist track to taste the real Lyonaisse delights, or climbing the steep streets heading to Croix Rousse and following the rich smells with our noses to search for quaint dens to eat.  Lyon always delivered.

Lyon Saone river

So when I started at La Parisienne Pâtés on Lygon St, Carlton, I couldn’t have been any happier!  The owners Muriel and Stefan also have their own factory on Lygon St where they produce all the patés, saucissons, terrines, tartes etc. for the shop.  On entering the shop, you die, and go straight to food heaven!  I am sure there is not many who doubt the deliciousness of French cuisine, however, the food at La Parisienne Pâtés  is of top quality.   It is a sure pleasure to sell such beautiful produce.

Parisienne Pates shop front


Goats cheese tart and duck pie


An opened duck pie




Here in Melbourne, I have found the pleasure of French food delights again!  Including the French language, the passion for food, and of course satisfying my gourmande ways.  Quel plaisir!




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