The smallest details in life are the greatest

I have never been well known for my keen sense of awareness.

Whilst most people are observing their external environments, I am deep in concentration with my internal thoughts.  At times when I am brought back to reality, my dear friends will chant on clockwork, “Oh hi Perth”, due to the city’s 2-3hr times difference between Melbourne.  Boh, C’est la vie, you can’t change who you are.

Back in 2007, my boyfriend and I were living in France, and it was at this time that my lack of environmental awareness really bothered me.  Every day I would be walking past beautiful, old buildings with wonderful stories bleeding out of their mortar, yet, I would just continue on my journey.  It was then that I thought that enough was enough!  I got my Dad’s 80’s SLR sent to me in France, and I started to walk around Vieux Lyon watching my surroundings and taking note of every fine detail with a comb.  It was the most wonderful experience.

I’ll be honest; my awareness is still shocking without a camera.  But in every new place I go, I pull out my camera first to take in my wild environment, and fully appreciate it.  The knowledge you can gain from your environment is nothing less than impressive.  Here are some of my favourite detail shots to share with you…

The Art Deco glory of Melbourne


The perfect geometry of Le Louvre


Wasping at Castel Sant’Angelo


The starkness and regalness of Chambord


The game of life


Love locking around Europe


The old Venetian life



5 thoughts on “The smallest details in life are the greatest

    • Thanks Tamara! haha, I have many more where they came from, too many one would say! I am also loving your blog, getting crafty is definitely one of my favourite past times, so rewarding!

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