My Language Evolution

It has been four years now since I started tutoring French, but my language evolution started from birth.

When I was little, my brother and I would have to say goodnight to my Dad in different languages. “Buonanotte, Bonne nuit, Buenas noches, Gute Nacht, Selamat malam” (The Indonesian was added on later…).  I loved learning about different countries, and how each country around the world showed diverse culture and language.  Hearing my Dad talk about France and French things was definitely one of my favourite topics though (Thanks Dad!).  At High School, I was able to develop my French skills.  I travelled to France and stayed with a host family who installed my indefinite passion of French.  From them on, my French evolution was progressing at its fastest rate.

I am not a French native speaker, much to my dislike, but thanks to my extensive time living in France I have been able to gain enough linguistic cultural knowledge that I feel able to share my knowledge on the French language with others.

It all started small.  I started sharing the French language with friends, teaching them ways of speaking and explaining grammar.  Then I started tutoring through the university, and then before I knew what I was doing, I was creating full travel phrase books for friends before they set off on their journeys to France.  I was having so much fun, gaining so much enriching experience, and growing in my language skills, that I said ‘ta-ta’ to studying science, and changed my whole career pathway to begin a new journey in language.  I have never looked back.

Over the following years, I started to tutor French to adults, students and children which enabled me to look at the full spectrum of learning styles and language acquisition that varies greatly from person to person.  I became so sick of the expensive books that people buy for French, and the hopeless internet resources which take months to find and integrate, that I started writing my own French worksheets.  I have now written 65 of them… I may have gotten a little side-tracked from my uni work for a while it seems!

I recently therefore decided to start my own French tutoring business.  Why would I do this whilst trying to study full-time, work, write and volunteer?  Because language is my passion.

I want to be able to share this passion for language with people who share a similar interest of second language learning.  To do this, I want to show that learning language is possible regardless of circumstance, and that language is a communicative skill, not just academic or something we ‘must’ know.  I want to give people the opportunity to be apart of a French community, and realise that you don’t need to be in France to learn French.  I hope to be inspiration for others, and for people to understand that you continue learning a language for all your life.  I also feel that with new languages brings new self-confidence, and I want people who I teach French to be able to grow with their new language.  But most of all, I want people to share their language learning with me, and be apart of my language learning experience.

For all those who live near or far to me in Melbourne, and love the French language, have a look through my articles with My French Life which you can access through my blog.

If you live in Melbourne, and share my passion for French, have a look at my new business  And continue sharing your love of language!


One thought on “My Language Evolution

  1. And what a great evolution to make. All the best experiences are “road trips” and your’s is the journey of communition and understanding. I hope you will always enjoy it.

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