The Pisa Post

So, I’ve joined the kitsch tourist gang.  I have a photo ‘pushing’ the leaning tower of Pisa.  It was actually a fantastic experience.  As you climb the torre pendente you get a great sense of the lean as you make your way up around the tower, I don’t advise leaning into the corners!  Up on the top, you can see beautiful Pisa with the river Arno flowing through with a back-drop of lovely Italian mountains.  Pisa is surprisingly a lovely city.  It houses many universities so it has a great atmosphere as you get further from the leaning tower, and closer to the Arno.  It also has an amazing church, Santa Maria della Spina, which is perched on the edge of the river.  200 years ago the church had to be moved to higher ground as it used get repeatedly flooded by the Arno.  That afternoon, for a bit of fun, Emily and I got the skates on and jumped on the ice skating rink.  It has been years since I’d ice-skated, but by the end of the hour we were doing spins.  Such pros.

Leaning tower of PisaLeaning tower of Pisa

On the top!

Keana and I on the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

To get some space from the big group. I took my own evening passegiata tonight.  It was fantastic just to watch everyone on the streets and soak in the Italian atmosphere.  There are so many people out before dinner, no matter how cold it is.  Women walking arm in arm, people out with their partners, or meeting friends for an aperativo.  Everyone dresses up nicely, old ladies in furs, women in high-heeled boots whilst people are greeting friends with ciao as they walk past each other.  It’s a lovely scene.  I advise an pre-dinner passegiata to all that come to Italy!

L'arno in Pisa

The River Arno in Pisa with Santa Maria della Spina on the right


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