Fiesole, or not Fiesole…?

With Prato only 20km from Florence, it’s been a Florentine-styled couple of days.  Yesterday we gave presentations at the local highschool about Melbourne and our lifestyle as i giovani, as the young people that we are.  They were fascinated with the idea of pre-drinks, or prrrreee-drrrinks as they repeated.  The afternoon was then spent spending my hard earned money, buying beautiful coats, silk tops and colourful pashmina scarves.

Today, we embarked on an advernture.  The morning was spent taking una passegiata around Florence, and we then set off to a picturesque hilltop town called Fiesole.  We took the train through the stunning landscape of Tuscany.  Through hillside houses, tall grasses, and undulating grass plains, we arrived at the station Fiesole-Caldine.  Eight girls, laughing and walking in a single line through the small town, swinging cameras from their necks… until we realised that we weren’t actually in Fiesole.  It was just Caldine.  A tiny, country town.  With nothing but a few bar (One just for men it seemed), and a petrol station.  We settled into the local bar where a chubby, older lady was working behind the counter.  We settled in for a caffè each to warm up and recharge, and also to find out where we were exactly!  It turns out that the next bus was going to be a three hour wait, and she just kept on smiling at us.  She must have thought that we were matte, crazy, a day she won’t forget soon I’m sure.


Hmmm… This isn’t Fiesole, but beautiful Caldine will do!

We eventually arrived in Fiesole at 4pm, about 30 minutes before sunset but it was still a sight to see.  The view of Florence from the basilica on top of the hill was priceless, so was my motivational skills to get everyone walking up the hill!

Words of the week!

Il vescovo – bishop (thought I wouldn’t need this word after the mass, but as I’m in Italy.. it comes up daily)

I stuzzicadenti – toothpicks (available with every dinner service in Italy)

Il spritz – yummy drink (mixture of Campari, prosecco and tonic – popular drink of Northern Italy)

A secco – opposite to  a fresco (instead of painting onto moistened plaster, the paint is applied to dry plaster)

The Tuscan dialect (although I have for to go to understand this form of Italian!)


Il bar – cafe

The Italians love coffee and take a few espresso or caffè a day.  In every village, there are i bar.  You walk in, don’t take a seat, but purchase your order at the cashier first, then take your docket to the counter where they make your caffè.  You then drink standing.  You never have to pay more than 0,60€, unless you go to a posh place.

La passegiata – walk

In the evening, all Italians take a passegiata around the town.  The towns are always bustling in the evenings when the sun goes down, and the shops stay open.  People are out walking their dogs, which they even take into the shops, and people stop for a caffè or aperativo


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